Italian Influenced - Artisan Dried Pasta

What We Do and How We Do It

Auntie Dalie's is a small batch Local artisan dried pasta maker.  We use traditional Italian pasta making methods;  Italian Extruders, hand made Brass/Bronze dies, Five different Imported Italian flours used independently (Click picture to the right for  flour info) only water added and then onto a proven drying process.   There are no eggs, oil, preservatives or additives of any kind in or around the preparation and creation of our pastas.  


Researching time tested drying methods, we chose a variation  of the "Metodo Cirillo" Process. This particular pasta drying technique was developed in the early 1900's as air drying in the streets of Italy became too dirty and impractical to continue.  Controlling both the temperature and humidity, Cirillo created an ideal environment indoors that imitated natural drying conditions.  

Drying our pasta for a longer, deeper, slower process, results in the palate tasting a distinct full flavor, the eyes seeing a vibrant color, and a rough texture that will catch and hold the sauces making it oh so pleasing to enjoy.  

Have a taste to decide for yourself  if it was worth the wait!

Indulge Your Inner Paisan!
.... as Auntie Dalie always used to say "MANGIA!"

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The Woman who Taught us How

Auntie Dalie (1902-1993)

(Auntie Dalie, holding Margi on Nonno's Piazza off the kitchen 1964 )

Born  in 1902, Auntie Dalie was a first generation Italian American. She was the 

hardest working woman we knew, took pride in everything she did, and 

wanted us all to do the same. 


  As  little girls, my sisters and I went to Auntie Dalie's house before the holidays, take out   the plywood behind the match lit stove, and roll out the pasta dough for cappellettis. In the summers, we'd help her and Uncle Mario  feed, weed and pick the vegetables in their the garden. She was always working and always busy, 

  Auntie Dalie taught us, life isn't a handout, work hard and don't quit, love what you do, love your family and friends, be grateful for what you have and always  approach life knowing you gave it the best you could. 



Always have enough food on hand for Everyone!

Like Auntie Dalie... Our pasta is all original with nothing extra or artificial needed.   

She wouldn't want it any other way!